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If you are an established business in insurance, banking, financial services, health or information technology, then this section is for you. We share information on our readiness framework, our services, and what’s the crux with “getting ready” in projects. Click here for more…

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This section is for entrepreneurs, business owners, senior managers, and investors: Realising an idea takes more than just some lines of code or some growth hacks – it needs a handful planning, mastery of the tech stack and relevant tools as well as intelligence to combine all these to put into practice. Click here for more…

The drkv approach:

Striving for excellence

Our mission is to enhance individual and organisational health and performance. We work on product ideas in eHealth, personal data management as well as personal and organisational excellence – and offer our expertise as a service to business clients.

With our heritage in innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship, we work side-by-side with our clients to support their growth and successful delivery. 

Our core belief is that lasting success comes from teamwork, individual performance, and synergies. This is why our bright team pushes forward in the three pillars of Readiness Advisory, Incubator, and ThinkTank. 

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The Definition of Done

https://youtu.be/kuhCIO5EIi4 For quite some time now, project managers see defining targets as smart goals (Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Timebound) and objectives and key results (OKRs) as the golden standard. As a result, everything which is...

Digital Trends 2019

Innovations in technology, consumer electronics, and IT are shaping everyday life and organisational culture - cloud services and mobile applications are commonplace and artificial intelligence is seen by many as the "next big thing". We have been studying the recent...

Your Business Strategy – how are you doing?

Participate now in our short survey on Business Strategy and receive tailored feedback! We are collecting some fresh insights as we believe that one-way lectures are a thing of the past. We value your time and efforts and are looking forward to contributing the...

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