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The drkv approach:

Striving for excellence

Our mission is to enhance individual and organisational health and performance. We work on product ideas in eHealth, personal data management as well as personal and organisational excellence – and offer our expertise as a service to business clients.

With our heritage in innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship, we work side-by-side with our clients to support their growth and successful delivery.

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Readiness advisory

> gentle persistence and clear objectives <

“Getting ready” and actually launching a project is sometimes easier said than done – spotty deliverables and unprepared stakeholders can be the tipping point for any project. If objectives got out of sight, persisting on the clarification of issues and open targeted communication is vital.


> realising innovative services with smart technology <

In our incubator, we “walk the talk” by maintaining our own full stack development chain based on emerging technologies. We build, launch, and optimise products and services. We are happy to show you our approach and also to quickly turn your concept into a tangible prototype – within days or weeks, not months or years.

Think tank

> diligent research <

We gather inputs, trends, and insights from academic sources and popular science in the field of eHealth, personal data management and InsureTech. We condense and integrate this information and conduct studies. By doing this, we contribute to interested groups and ensure that we are building our work on a solid foundation.

drkv for corporates & SMEs

If you are a business in insurance, financial services, health or information technology, then the section on readiness advisory is for you. There, we share information on our readiness framework and what’s the crux with “getting ready” in projects.

drkv for researchers and policy makers

We are always open to discuss the hot topics of improving and excellence in different contexts – we always learn from each other. Examples for partnering:

  • collaborating with our think tank
  • discussing entrepreneurship in emerging technologies
  • opportunities from leveraging information and mobile technology in our incubator
  • pro-bono activities

drkv for entrepreneurs

Realising an idea takes more than just some lines of code – it needs a handful planning, mastery of the tech stack and relevant tools as well as intelligence to combine all these to put into practice.


We are always looking for talent, so let’s talk – and if you have a compelling product idea, then let’s talk also.

drkv publications

Project Challenges: How to identify and overcome them.

We are inviting you to our next event - an honest look at project challenges.  We have been asked often to examine delayed projects and struggling delivery teams. We have studied not only the identification of bottlenecks and conflicts, we have also investigated into...

Digital Trends 2019

Innovations in technology, consumer electronics, and IT are shaping everyday life and organisational culture - cloud services and mobile applications are commonplace and artificial intelligence is seen by many as the "next big thing". We have been studying the recent...

Your Business Strategy – how are you doing?

Participate now in our short survey on Business Strategy and receive tailored feedback! We are collecting some fresh insights as we believe that one-way lectures are a thing of the past. We value your time and efforts and are looking forward to contributing the...

Networking Event: CES2019 Summary and Digital Trends

We are hosting a get-together to share our impressions from the CES2019 and to discuss Digital Trends for consumers and corporates. Our managing director, Dr. Michael Kirchhof, will be speaking about the observed trends and will put it into context for the...

CES2019 – A glimpse on robotics.

This year's CES in Las Vegas was packed with innovations and applications of technology to all areas of consumers' lives. A frequent debate around robotics (and AI) is "how dangerous, how threatening are robots?" Here is our take on this matter. We believe that...

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