The drkv think tank:

Research is a vital craft to smooth innovations.


We gather inputs, trends, and insights from academic sources and popular science in the field of eHealth, personal data management and InsureTech. We condense and integrate this information and conduct own studies to support the interested community and our product development actively.


Information technology and mobile technology have revolutionized how we do business and interact. First advances have been made in the field of medical intervention and the support of effectively managing chronic diseases.

We believe that the relevant players are still thinking in silos, which leads to incremental improvements in the established disciplines. However, we aim at bringing behavioural science, occupational science, preventive medical science,  health management, technology experts and computer science together. Infused with learnings from other industries (e.g. telecommunications, transportation), from professional team sports (e.g. basketball, football) and from emerging market models (e.g. gig economy), truly innovative products, apps, services and concepts appear on the horizon. We will share and collaborate intensively in this field.

Personal Data Management

Everyday life is drenched with digitalisation, from online shopping, electronic bills and credit card statements, to formal and informal communication. Many services incorporate geolocations, tracking of behaviour and usage, storing these data ultimately. Digital footprints and an all-remembering digital society make seemingly unrelated interactions a data pool for marketers, service providers and authorities.

The GDPR will bring data privacy into the digital age and provides a framework for meaningful and manageable data holding, even for quite sensitive information about an individual. We dive into the pros and cons of this regulation, discuss and contrast mass data management and analysis for all kind of tasks, from the clinical analysis, risk assessment to predictions of one’s probability of unfavourable actions or mishappenings.

We believe that an honest and open dialogue about the opportunities covered in large digital data sets is worthwhile and required to derive meaningful insights from personal data while respecting privacy and the need for protection of each one of us.


Being protected in case of loss, damages or injuries is and will continue to be a necessity. Insurance products need to adjust and evolve according to changes in lifestyle an risks, while new market players and market forces push established players towards efficiency and innovation.

The insurance business is typically a data heavy business which brings certain challenges in product design, tariffs calculation and optimisation as well as in the claims process with all its facets like customer retention, cost optimisation and fraud prevention.

We are investigating, how insurance firms can effectively and transparently work with personal data, combining this with market analysis and challenge existing risk pool management with the accumulated complexity. Also, the learnings from the eHealth domain in terms of how individuals interact with services especially in very personal matters – like health and insurances, moanging coverage and claims alike.

What unites us?

  • A passion for individual health and advances in human behaviour depending on peers, information, habits, culture and other circumstances
  • A passion for research with due diligence, cross-checking and a healthy scepticism
  • Ability to “cut through the noise” to core principals, sound frameworks and studies
  • Ability to condense research results and maintain source information/references
  • The ability to put findings into larger contexts and explain the results in your own words


Relevant disciplines

  • Health management
  • Behavioural science
  • Occupational health
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Training
  • Market research
  • Data science

Let's bring health, data and insurance together!

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