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„Successful and humble advisory requires dedicated research and experience. When we practise what we preach, we get traction and a deep understanding of our clients‘ and customers’ real needs.”

Dr Michael Kirchhof, Managing director of drkv


Cutover Readiness

Projects of all types tend to fall into a “stall” in the wake of an upcoming release/launch date. With our Readiness Framework, you can stay on top of the five key areas of your project regarding going live successfully – and take action.

Have we all technical and organisational aspects covered, staff available and trained? 

Keeping an impartial and objective view on a project can be challenging – we leverage our expertise in crafting a comprehensive cutover concept and in scope management to ensure your launch is going to be a success – rather than a disaster that’s having negative press.

Whether you’re launching a new platform, a new product or a major release, it is critical to have a clear view of what needs to be done to bring clients onto the new systems. We have a strong background in bringing complex landscapes including its legacy parts up and running, typically as “hot cutovers” in short time windows. We have a proven framework so you can easily benefit from best practices in capital project management and go-to-market scenarios.

Let’s talk on how we can make your Cutover running smoothly!


Data Readiness

Data is at the heart of every business process, application, and service. While this seems to be widely accepted when working with data to develop new use cases, application, and monetisation, often an inconvenient realisation settles in: data is available but inconsistent and incomplete.

How does our data landscape look like and of which quality is it? Who takes ownership of the data objects and its implication on processes? 

To make things worse more often than not the owner of data on a business object level is not defined. An impartial look at businesses often reveals that information is held not only in purpose-ready systems but also in spreadsheets and other files on shared drives.

If you are facing the task to understand your data landscape, e.g. for audits or migration projects, then a clear pictogram-style structure with responsibilities is the first step. On this basis, a well-structured stage-gate process helps in processing those data objects in an agile fashion while being able to create comprehensive management information.

As no data project is like another, we are looking forward to discussing your particular data challenge with you! Please get in touch.


Data and Migration Reconciliation

Having data migrated into a new system, this data needs to be tested and verified to be “fit for purpose”. We do this by a comprehensive reconciliation approach with clear responsibilities and quality assurance – to ensure that all but not more data is available in the new system correctly. 

Do we have the complete and correct data available? What are the gaps and how we can close those?

When facing a cut-over or migration project, the key questions are typically:

  1. How do you make sure that you have just the correct and complete data migrated?
  2. How do you fit a comprehensive data reconciliation into a tight Cutover plan (over a  night or a weekend)?
  3. What are the impacts of migrated data on existing processes (esp. that client-facing)?

We believe that a well planned and well-practised data reconciliation approach can answer all these questions confidently. We have been engaged in many projects and helped to reconsolidate and mitigate/correct the migrated data sets. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel, we got you covered.


"...and across the line!"

Let’s face it: Not all projects are just smoothly sailing along the project plan; some are even doomed to fail. What to do then, extend the project and add more resources to the roster? (Or even worse: Create pressure to launch?) We have the people skills, technology insights and project mindset to help you and the team “across the line” – not shying away from uncomfortable discussions and decisions.

How do we get this now done, as milestones have passed and budget is running out? 

Project Governance should be tailored to your company’s strategy – and then standardised to reduced governance friction and “goal battles” right from the start. If this is not feasible anymore, we need to identify quickly key stakeholders and key objectives of the initiative in question. As an external party, we initiate the solution definition and facilitate the decision-making process based on our industry insight and established negotiation principles like the Harvard Negotiation Method.

And if things went wrong already, we help you in turning it around or in wrapping it properly up. We call that a “sunset” procedure, which frees resources and identifies assets worth keeping from an unsuccessful project.

What makes drkv’s approach different?

We distilled the typical questions asked when projects were coming to a closure – the result is a readiness framework, which is based on five readiness dimensions.

Next steps.

For Senior Managers and CXOs

Which corporate project challenge is on your mind? We are here to help – please reach out to develop an action plan to address the relevant challenges.

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For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

For individuals and small to medium-sized businesses, we have a dedicated approach to build the right sized fundament – all aiming at the right tactic for a prosperous business. We do not offer generic start-up advice or generic growth “hacks”, but seasoned support from “somebody on your side”.

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