We are the facilitator and guide in your biggest projects.

„Successful and humble advisory requires dedicated research and experience. When we practise what we preach, we get traction and a deep understanding of our clients‘ and customers’ real needs.”
Dr Michael Kirchhof, Founder of drkv


Project Audit

“Are we on the right track and is it manageable?”

Keeping an impartial and objective view on a project can be challenging – we tailor our KPI framework to your management objectives and assess the project in question regarding governance and efficiency regarding the project’s goals


Readiness Assessment

“What needs to be done to get ready for launch?”

Projects of all types tend to fall into a “stall” in the wake of an upcoming release/launch date. With our Readiness Framework, you’ll quickly see the readiness of your project regarding going live successfully. And if things went wrong already, we help you in turning it around or in wrapping it properly up.


Readiness Steering

“Close the gaps and get ready for launch!”

We have been engaged in many projects and helped them to make it towards a successful launch. Our readiness framework with its KPIs adds the best-practice from other projects, avoiding to reinvent the wheel.


Structure for Strategy

“Establish a true end-to-end project organization!”

Project Governance should be tailored to your company’s strategy – and then standardised to reduced governance friction and “goal battles” right from the start.



What makes drkv’s approach different?

We distilled the typical questions asked when projects were coming to a closure – the result is a readiness framework, which is based on five readiness dimensions.

Is a project troubling you?

We are here to help – please reach out and let’s talk about the challenges at and what should be done best.