What’s the true status of your project?

A key task for the project manager is to monitor the progress of a project and its deliverables, which is typically a quantitative approach. The quality of the deliverables is assessed by a testing team and individually reported.

So far, so good. But what about the project itself?

Is the project structure working efficiently?

The structure of a project depends on the type and scope of the project and the maturity of the involved stakeholders. Span-of-control and meaningful division of the workload are key considerations, as well as geographic and cultural barriers.

Is the scope defined and frequently reviewed to avoid scope creep?

A typical fallacy is the assumption that not reviewing something equals being unchanged – and still valid. This is often the case in tech projects. A thorough scope review often reveals significant learnings, especially regarding assumptions made during initial scoping.  And it helps spotting scope creep due to an “we are anyway on it” mentally.

Are the project's financials in order?

 Do you like numbers? Good. Do you like budgeting? Even better. But you’re a minority then. Mostly, the financial side of projects is neglected, as it is often considered an overhead function. Yet, poorly managed budgets tend to dry out quite quickly. 

Is the risk management carried out thoroughly?

Risk management is key to keep the project alert and continuously adapting to changed circumstances. Especially long-standing risks tend to be ignored until they materialise and crush any plans beyond simple interventions. With our industry and tech expertise, we are able to assess your risk management and complement it meaningfully.

How are we different?

We are experts in auditing and reviewing projects, so you as a project manager can benefit from our impartial insight, advise and consulting. – we tailor our KPI framework to your management objectives and assess the project in question regarding governance and efficiency regarding the project’s goals.

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