The drkv incubator:

Experience and drive to realise potentials.

In our incubator, we “walk the talk” by maintaining our own full stack development chain based on emerging technologies. We build and launch our products and services. We are happy to show you our kitchen and also to quickly turn your concept into a tangible prototype – within days, not months.

What does it take to create great apps and services?

  • A thorough understanding of the problem to be solved.
  • A clear picture of the solution, i.e. how you are solving this particular problem.
  • A best in class implementation of the solution, supporting the relevant channels and touch points.
  • The right timing.
  • Delivering the message and explaining the solution in your recipients’ own language.
  • Patience and a long breath.
  • Days from ideation to prototype, typically 28 days
  • Our target is to bring cycle time to 5 days

We believe that great digital projects must be developed in-house in the same location as the research teams and product management teams: no near-shoring, no off-shoring, just cutting-edge technology utilised wisely.


Fast cycle times to validate fast!

Why are we so concerned about cycle times, aren’t we rushing?

Actually, not. By co-locating product and tech, we eliminate the need for lengthy formalisations in early stages (e.g. during A/B trials and prototyping) and generate tacit knowledge and insight for the team. When it comes to growth and sustain stages, we are hot on specs to document objectives, features, KPIs and boundaries – we call it “spec week”.

Are you a tech wiz?

We are staffing our tech team currently – are you a tech wiz and eager to embrace tech and rapid prototyping? Then please get in touch and get to know each other!

Skills & Roles in our Incubator

iOS and Android developers

Full stack developer

Data Scientists and Data Managers

Value Chain/Value Network Analyts and Process Designers

UI/UX Designers

Product Manager

Tech Stack (Excerpt)

Cocoa/Swift/Objective C










Products on our long list

Short Listed Product

Live Products