Our services for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Our readiness advisory is serving clients, who are ambitiously improving their operations and launching new services.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners, and Investors looking for expertise in:

  • Business & Marketing strategy  
  • Outreach strategy and Positioning
  • Business models and Pricing
  • Sustainable business strategy and growth  
  • Business plan execution
  • Exit Strategy

We have experience in the following  core industries:

  • Health / eHealth / Health Tech / Wellness 
  • Fintech / InsurTech 
  • Banking / Private Banking 
  • Smart Homes 
  • Media / Media Production / IPTV / Broadcast 
  • Business and Professional Services 

Our services aim at transforming initial business ideas into growing businesses and get it set up for success. Based on clients’ needs, this can be a comprehensive training, an 8-week business transformation program or bespoke coaching. We believe in working side-by-side as your trusted partner engaged in your success.

More marketing doesn’t help if your proposition is not clear. 

We believe in working side-by-side as your trusted partner engaged in your success. 

Dr Michael Kirchhof

Managing Director, drkv

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Imagine a week full of doing what you like (i.e. helping your clients and working with a great team), satisfied customers, a decent inflow of new business, and limited expenditures for marketing.

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8 proven steps

Entrepreneurship is not rocket science – master your business journey with 8 well-tested steps.


No jargon – clear language

When working with us, you don’t need a dictionary for business and marketing jargon – we speak your language and work individually with you.


Been there, done that

We can relate to your situation, as we have been starting and growing businesses ourselves for many years.

Learn from the best

We studied the behaviour and principles of major companies which became leaders in their fields – our insights are built into the programme.

Cost-efficient and effective

We are not selling you any IT, Web Agency services, subscriptions, or paid promotions – we provide a solid framework for your entrepreneurial success. And no, you don’t need a new website.

Cultural fit

We are based in London and Düsseldorf, so we can offer international excellence based on “German Engineering”.

Let’s get serious.

Time is money, so we created a straight-forward, action-oriented programme for ambitious entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium-sized businesses.

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