Positioning and Outreach Strategy - Keynote
Positioning and Outreach Strategy – Keynote

In our hectic lives where advertising is everywhere, it feels marketing is the magic pill to attract new customers. While marketing is undoubtedly a contributing factor, appropriate positioning is key to build and grow a business sustainably. Many businesses jump into spending high sums on marketing, though not delivering a clear message and hence, negatively affecting the brand they wish to build.
In this networking event, we will reflect on how to position a business successfully to ensure the fundamentals are solid and more can be built upon it. We will later consider how to create an outreach strategy aimed to entice prospective clients and represent the business correctly.

Join us for a networking evening in our London headquarter on Wednesday 8th May from 5.30pm.

5.30-5.45pm: Reception and Greetings
5.45-6.30pm: Presentation followed by Q&A
6.30pm: Networking starts

We are looking forward to meeting you,
drkv Team
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