We are inviting you to our next event! we are going to discuss the unique challenges a cutover has for corporates, its employees and its customer.

When thinking of a cutover, i.e. switching over from one (IT) system to another, one might think that the biggest challenge is to develop the new system to fit better the evolving demand of its users. However, having been successful in the past means that it is vital to move previously maintained data over to the new platform. Also, staff and clients need to change behaviours. They have been trained to achieve their goals with the previous system. Yet, the new platform will differ in one way or the other – new wordings, new navigation, new look and feel; plus potentially a change in functionality. So, a cutover is a complex endeavour as well as a change for the stakeholders.

This networking event will feature a keynote to answer the following questions: What are the key dimensions of a cutover? How can you measure progress? How can such cutovers made a success – avoiding negative press as some high street banks had to experience in late 2018.

Join us on April 5th 2019 in our headquarter in Central London. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Reserve your place now: https://drkv-networking-april19-cutover.eventbrite.com (powered by Eventbrite)

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