drkv was founded in 2015 by Dr Michael Kirchhof. With 20 years of experience in international consulting and business, Michael created drkv with the vision to advise both corporates and entrepreneurs on specific issues from cutover to data management to business strategy, while developing own products and carrying research in the fields of eHealth, productivity and organisational behaviour. This unique combination gives us credibility in business consulting when working on important projects – we “walk the talk”.

We are team players who take responsibility for projects and decision-making, supporting clients internationally thanks to our offices’ location in London and Düsseldorf.


We have experience in the following core industries: 

  • Health / eHealth / Health Tech / Wellness 
  • Fintech / InsurTech 
  • Banking / Private Banking 
  • Smart Homes 
  • Media / Media Production / IPTV / Broadcast 
  • Business consulting and management consulting – especially Digital Transformation

Our Clients

For our large corporate clients, we engage in leading project roles and are trusted in delivering with clarity, structure and frameworks. Above all, we specialise in Cutover Management, Launch Readiness, Operational Readiness, Data Management, End-to-End Data Migration Management and Crisis Management.

Our services for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium businesses aim at transforming initial business ideas into growing businesses. We do this by offering comprehensive training, an 8-week business transformation program and bespoke coaching. The building blocks are business positioning and targeting, outreach strategy, pricing, organisational setup (your engine room), team management, exit strategy. 

The Value Proposition

drkv value is in the deep evaluation of each business challenge’s ecosystem to ensure a comprehensive and effective solution. By leveraging the connection between the knowledge emerged from the incubator and think thanks activities, drkv can provide to clients top-notch solutions in their category. We embrace the individuality of each project, understanding the stakeholder’s challenges and goals. Therefore, through what we called ‘gentle persistence’, we define the best path to follow.

Communication is key, whether in projects or in our network. So, we want to give our audience insights on the industries we focus upon. By publishing our own content we hope to portrait our critical way of thinking while educating a wider interested audience.

What’s next

Early 2019 was time to take a step back to look at the company’s mission and to share our plans with current and prospective clients. Whilst growing our presence in the UK, drkv strives to extend its operations to the USA from 2020 on, making drkv a truly international company aimed to provide excellence to its clients. 

Get in touch with your queries and evaluate your situation to determine the level of support you need. 

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