The past year brought about a new team and new London-based clients – for both, I am grateful and enjoyed working with smart and skilled people. We have helped a major project in finance through their difficulties and set them up for success; we have sharpened our incubator portfolio and processes and are now looking forward to some Go-to-market events!

New Year ahead, new challenges to tackle relentlessly!

Michael Kirchhof, Managing Director

We believe that 2019 will bring advancements especially in the areas of

  • Transparency: Costs, Values, Diagnosis and Confidence, Reasoning and Decision Making Evidence in AI
  • Choice: Service Provider Selection, Switch, Service Composition and Interchange
  • Accessibility: Elimination of physical/geographic restrictions
  • Cooperation: Collaborative Governance, Objective-driven project work

We will be focusing on these areas and contribute regularly as a team to the relevant communities. We are convinced that these areas will be contributing to the industry thriving and are looking forward to developments and discussions.

Please follow us on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/company/drkv) and stay up to date with our portfolio and progress.

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