I am excited about our first New Year here at drkv! It has been a very interesting and exciting time, full of inspiring conversations and discussions. I firmly believe that the smart use of technology and cooperation is the way to go.

I have created Dr Kirchhof Ventures GmbH (drkv) with the aim to develop eHealth and personal data management ideas into products and solutions that individuals can benefit from – while working with private sector clients to help them reach their targets. The unique value drkv offers is based on our team’s expertise in information technology and digital business models as well as our passion for eHealth and personal information management.

Currently, we are setting up our initial portfolio and focus on our clients in the UK and Germany. We are engaging with interested parties from other regions too, e.g. the Switzerland, UAE, India and the US.

Please follow us on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/company/drkv) and stay up to date with our portfolio and progress.

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